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We arranged an allocation of rooms in two Hotels next to the Campus of the University. The two Hotels are a short walk apart.

Hotel Zipser as well as Hotel Alpha are located in the center of Vienna (see map).

In each Hotel we arranged around 20 rooms for your stay in Vienna.

Hotel Zipser

How to get from Hotel Zipser to the Campus of the University (see map)

Hotel Zipser
Lange Gasse 49
1080 Vienna

Telephone: +43-1-40 45 40
E-mail: Office@zipser.at
Website: http://hotel-vienna.travel/

Please book directly at Hotel Zipser

- by sending an email to: Office@zipser.at
- by telephone: +43-1-40 45 40

Booking Code: QED 2013

You can choose between the following room categories (all rooms for single use):
8 x Standard double room, Euro 85,- per night incl. breakfast
4 x Premium single room, Euro 89,- per night incl. breakfast
6 x Superior single room, Euro 109,- per night incl. breakfast
3 x Executive single room, Euro 119,- per night incl. breakfast

Booking Deadline: March 4, 2013

Hotel Alpha

How to get from Hotel Alpha to the Campus of the University (see map)

Hotel Alpha
Buchfeldgasse 8
1080 Vienna

Telephone: +43-1-403-52-91
Website: http://www.austria-hotels.at/
E-mail: alpha@austria-hotels.at

Please book directly at the Homepage of Hotel Alpha by using the “Company Login”:

Login: QED2013
Password: hotelalpha

You can also book your room by
-    sending an email (alpha@austria-hotels.at; Booking Code: QED2013)
-    telephone (Tel-No: +43-1-403 52 91, Booking Code: QED2013)
-    sending a fax (Fax-No: +43-1-403 52 91 62; Booking Code: QED2013)

Hotel Alpha offers an allocation of 20 standard double rooms (for single use), Euro 84,- per night incl. breakfast (from May 2 - May 5, 2013. If you need more nights, the special price of Euro 84,- can not be offered for the added nights)

Booking Deadline: March 7, 2013


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